About Antique Brick Warehouse

Our Story

David Spence is a fourth generation Nebraskan.  David graduated from Georgetown University in 1988 with a BSBA in finance. 
With a passion for history, architecture and authenticity, David started Antique Brick Warehouse in 1994. As one of the first in the country to be in the business of reclaiming antique brick and cobblestones, he takes the business of recycling and being green seriously.  More so, providing his customers with a quality product is always forefront in his mind.
In his own words, "I love seeing the beautiful creations that come from the products we sell.  To think that this material would otherwise by in a landfill makes my job that much more rewarding."  
We at Antique Brick Warehouse, hope that you enjoy the rustic beauty of these wonderful pieces of history.  We know that whatever project you are undertaking will be greatly enhanced by our products.  We are proud of that. "
David has twice survived cancer and started a non profit organization to raise money to thwart this devastating disease.  As such, partial proceeds of Antique Brick Warehouse go to charitable contributions. 

Email david@antiquebrickwarehouse.com with any questions.



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