Q: Where do your bricks come from? 
A: We reclaim bricks and cobblestones from streets and buildings all across North America.

Q: How different are antique bricks from new bricks?
A: The brick making process in centuries past were much different than the ones used today. The coal-fired kilns that were prominent throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries allowed for variation in color that todays kilns simply can't produce because to do so would be astronomically costly.  The variation of color and the natural aging and wear on our antique bricks make these a truly unique product. 

Q: Do you have newer material?  
A: No.  All of our bricks and stones are antique, we love the history and the aesthetic appeal of such authentic products.  Why buy an imitation of an antique when you can have the genuine article?  We reclaim our material from all over North America.  

Q: Do you have material close to me?  
A: Our bricks and stones are generally housed right were we reclaim them.  So, it is possible that they will be close to you and we will provide you with all options to make sure you find the right brick as close to you as possible.  Additionally, we will help find reputable and low cost trucking to get your bricks or stones to your project location.

Q: How many bricks or stones fit on a truck. 
A: It depends on the type of brick or stone but a good rule of thumb is 5000 street paving bricks, 2200 cobblestones, or 10,000 antique building bricks.  We weigh several pieces of our material to find out the average weight so we don't waste potential trucking space and expense.

Q: How many bricks do I need for my project?
A: Our bricks and stones are unique and with that they come in many different sizes, so the number you need depends on the type of brick or stone.  We can easily help you figure out how many you will need for any given project. 

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: We only ship full pallets and they cannot be broken up.  

Q: Will these bricks last?
A: These bricks have already lasted over 100 years and will last for hundreds more.  The process in which these bricks were made has created an enduring product.

Q: How much do your bricks cost? 
A: There are several factors that affect the total price of the shipment, including the type of brick, the quantity and your location. It is best to call or email us for an accurate price quote.  

Q: Will the bricks last through harsh winter weather? 
A: Some of our antique building bricks are perfectly suitable for use as pavers in warmer climates, but not in areas of the country where there are several freeze/thaw cycles. In colder climates, it is best to use our authentic antique street pavers and granite cobblestones which have already survived such weather for over 100 years.

Q: How and where are the bricks stored? 
A: Our bricks are reclaimed all over the nation and are generally stored near the salvage site.  In this way, we can keep our trucking costs down and subsequently pass them on to you, our customer. 
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